Fruit Cleaning Waxing and Grading Machine testing

This week, we tested the Fruit Cleaning Waxing and Grading Machine  for our customers. This machine is one of the best selling machines in our company. It is mainly suitable for large-scale operation in cold storage. For Cleaning and Waxing part, It can improve the gloss of fruits to enhance the value of products . For Electronic Grading part, it is efficient and precise, whichi is widely used for grading apples, pears, persimmons, onions, lemons, mangos, pomelo, jujube, and other round fruits.

Fruit Cleaning Waxing Fruit Cleaning Waxingfive Fruit Cleaning Waxing-four Fruit Cleaning Waxingone Fruit Cleaning Waxingseven Fruit Cleaning WaxingthreeFruit Cleaning Waxingtwo   Fruit Cleaning Waxingsix

Post time: Aug-06-2021

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