Dahan is coming

Since ancient times, China has said that the twenty-four solar terms. The “twenty-four solar terms” is a product of ancient Chinese farming civilization. It is the ancient Chinese ancestors who conformed to the agricultural time and recognized the seasonal, climate, and phenological changes during the year by observing the movement of celestial bodies. The knowledge system formed by the law. The 24 solar terms contain a long cultural connotation and historical accumulation, and are an important part of the long history and culture of the Chinese nation.
This week is about to usher in the last solar term of the year-Dahan! Dahan means that the weather is extremely cold. Although it is extremely cold, the next solar term is Lichun, which means that spring is coming. Only after experiencing extreme cold can spring come. Looking at the global epidemic situation is not optimistic, the epidemic is the extreme. As long as we can persevere, don’t give up, don’t abandon, what awaits us must be a prosperous spring, then let us join hands in this new era!

Post time: Jan-23-2021

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