Busy Week of FUSHI

This week is a busy week,machines for customers from Kenya, Yemen, Vietnam, Nigeria were tested/shipped in this week。
 This is double heads model knotless net machine, which for Kenya customer, are tested in this week. Its capacity is 30-40kg/h. The product can make bath ball, packing flower, toys, garlic, onion, eggs etc.

This is 105 model PE foam sheet extrusion line, which for Vietnam customer, it’s capacity is 100kg/h, the products can pack and protect furniture, electrical components etc. Make floor insulation sheet etc.

This is 180 model PE foam sheet extrusion line, which is for Yemen customer, this week tested and loaded containers. This model capacity is around 500kg/h, kind of big model. Same function for above machine, while can product more light sheet to save cost and get more profits.

This is vacuum forming cutting and slicing machine for Nigeria customer, it can make all kinds of disposable take away food container, box, plate. Trays etc. Just change mold is fine. It’s forming area is 1100*1450mm, speed 18-20cycles/min.

Post time: Apr-28-2021

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