Automatic Seeding tray forming punching integrated machine

Hole tray, also known as seedling tray, it has become an important tool in the factory seedling production process. From flowers to vegetables, pot growing is one of the most fundamental innovations in modern gardening, promising fast and mass production.
The advantages of using acupoint pan seedling:
(1) Save seed dosage and reduce production cost.
(2) Orderly emergence of seedlings to maintain the consistency of plant seedling growth.
(3) Can be used with various manual and automatic seeder, easy to centralized management, improve work efficiency.
(4) No root damage when transplanting, slow seedling quickly, high survival rate.
The Automatic Seeding tray forming punching integrated machine of our company is kind of compression molding machine,which can be used to make PET/PVC/PP/PS seeding trays.We develop the traditional semi auto forming machine into full auto forming and punching integrated machine,which can improve the capacity and safety of production.



Post time: Mar-02-2022

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